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Our Profile

We are a leading South African conglomerate with capabilities that span a diverse array of company including Classic Logistics, Transport, Management Consulting, Stationery Supplies, Construction and Maintenance (Plumbing, Electrician, Bricklaying, Tiling, Roofing, Painting, Partitioning, Paving, Fencing, Welding, carpeting and Carpentry). Cleaning and Security Services, Office automation (Printers, Scan, Fax, Copier), Air Conditioning (Installation & Maintenance), Stage and Sound to Government, Private and Cooperate Sectors. Woman Leader on the market. We have been successfully operating in South Africa. We use our in-depth market knowledge and extensive local connections to effectively facilitate efficient, result-driven operations across the country.


Driven by a commitment to operational excellence and corporate integrity, we strive to provide all South Africans with access to the highest quality goods and services across multiple categories. In fact, it is our aim to have a Khawuleza Projects in every Department both Government and Individual Eshablishment in South African.